£11.90 per hour

Domestic Cleaning

We understand that in order to keep a household running smoothly and efficiently a lot of work is required. Not everyone wants to do this or has the time with the day to day pressures of life and work commitments.


We will supply you with a housekeeper that will come to your home daily, weekly or fortnightly.

Our housekeepers are fully vetted and insured by us to work in your home. Daisymaids service is flexible to suit your requirements whether you need us to clean your home, do ironing or general household chores. The choice is yours.

Some of our services include:






for a full list of services please call your local office



How do we maintain our high cleaning standards?

We continually monitor housekeepers in order that they maintain high standards.


Our Daisymaid Schedule Planner enables you to set your required cleaning schedule for your housekeeper and monitor her work to your satisfaction on every clean. If your requirements change for any reason you simply inform your housekeeper and she will carry out your wishes leaving your home clean and fresh.


If your housekeeper is away on holiday or sick we will endeavour to find another housekeeper to cover your requirements.


We pride ourselves in the agency support that we give to our clients, no fuss we just get the job done.

How do I pay for my clean ?

We charge £11.90 per hour inclusive of insurance and company fees. You pay £9.00 directly to the cleaner on the day of cleaning either by cash or cheque. The balance of £2.90 is the agency fee and this is paid quarterly in advance.

We have offices located throughout the North East.

Why not call your local office, sit back, relax and make your life easier!


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